100% climate-neutral mobility with AMS®green mobility


of CO2 have so far been saved for our environment by AMSgreen mobility.


With AMSgreen mobility climate-neutral into a greener future!

As an official Air-Quality and Environmental-Partner of the city of Hamburg and a supporter of the Sustainability Codex of the national event industry, low-emission mobility and sustainable action have been among our most important corporate principles since the foundation of AMS GmbH in 2008.
The development in the field of mobility is crucial for the future of our planet - after all, at least 20% of greenhouse gas emissions originate from the transport sector.

We are aware of our special responsibility and therefore it is our goal to make mobility environmentally friendly.
We achieve this by consistently expanding our AMSelectro mobility division and thus working locally emission-free.
In many areas of passenger transport, on the other hand, there are still no comprehensive economical alternatives to the conventional combustion engine.


Therfore our strategy here is:


Due to constant fleet renewals, our fleet and the ones of our cooperation partners consist of vehicles that have the most modern engine technology.
In this way, we are continuously reducing the total emissions that are caused by transportation.
Our employees regularly attend training on ecological driving, thus we are able to achieve a reduction of fuel consumption and, thereby, CO2 emissions by up to 20%.


Those currently unavoidable CO2 equivalents (carbon dioxide (CO2), nitric oxides, methane et al.) are fully compensated by our direct investment in TÜV-approved Gold Standard climate protection projects. This also applies for our cooperation partners’ pollutant emissions.

Our passenger transport is 100% climate neutral – since 2013 already.

  • Green Transportation with CO2-zero balance
  • Climate-neutral mobility without a surcharge
  • Purchase of 100% green-electricity for parts of the fleet and the office
  • Recycling of all working materials related to car pool and office
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